Book Cover update



So I do have some progress on this cover. As a reminder the brief for this is from BriefBox, Here it is.
Hopefully I will get most it mostly done by Monday.
Here is what I have so far.


Now some things. First The font is not where I want it to be. I will probably use something hand done or at least a lot less clean feeling. I was just playing around with positioning of it. I’m inclined to have it something like this with the font very large with the kid busting through. I could have a lot more fun with the type and that’s what I plan on doing. The brief wants it to be very colorful and have custom lettering. Right now I don’t have that! Also the “home” part is so misaligned its crazy.
As for the the kid etc…I like it for the most part. I have a fair bit of cleaning up to do though. I am also very unsure about the kids head. It looks really off and I’m not sure If its a coloring thing. Or if I should buckle down and redraw what I have. Maybe its the eyes…or the hair…
I also have a few things I scanned in that I want to be flying out, like a compass, map, and some odd sci-fi object. Just to really show all the things that the kid found to help find his way back. I was also thinking about making them into the words but realized it would make the whole cover way to busy and would just have to many elements.
Like I said hopefully i’ll have something to show by Monday!



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