The Jealousy!


So finally being done, its a little exciting because now I can finally do things that might matter. At the very least they should hopefully impact my life.
I have a lot of time on my hands now without school, or with the possibility of it coming back! With that time is the knowledge that some friends from school are currently in London while I’m just staying here! This makes very jealous! I also have that itch again to do somethings. So I have two projects at the moment.
The first one is to make myself a logo. I have spent some trying to come up with ideas so far, but I don’t think I’m thinking in the right places. I’m trying to avoid it being a monogram since that seems to be very in style right now.
Here are some ideas

20150518_184150_HDR 20150518_184201_HDR 20150518_184214_HDR 20150518_184222_HDR

See nothing actually worth an idea. More like random doodles!
My second project is something that I just picked out and it is a book cover! Again I’m using BriefBox for the idea.
Heres the brief.

Another Idea that I really want to do Is actually make my own website. Now I think it would be really awesome but I don’t think I post regularly enough to do it so far. Nor do I have enough work that is good enough. Although As i type this out I don’t think it would be that big of a deal.

I also got a DSLR! I’m no photographer but I’ve always wanted one. Ideally I would have one for a trip but since I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, pictures of my friends dogs and flowers it is!

IMG_0705 IMG_0850

I know almost zero about taking pictures so I have been checking out some classes. Hopefully I pickup some good taste on my way.


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