A change of scenery


Oh man look at this place!

All new and fancy. I know everyone is asking why did I switch.
Really its pretty simple. I didn’t hate using Weebly but I started using it while I was in school because of how simple it was. Now WordPress isn’t that far removed but I wanted to work with WP more to make sure I stay comfortable with it. Also I think it offers me a better chance for my portfolio which I think looks really questionable on Weebly.

Well now that I’m here lets get down to business!
Still not much is happening, besides this switch. I have started generating ideas for a new poster. If everything goes to plan I will have it done by next week! Also the resume is going back to the drawing board for some overhauls.

Since taking photos has been the only creative thing I’ve been up to these past two days lets look at what I have!

 went to the zoo to take some pictures the other day. I didn’t come back with anything great, which is a bummer. That being said, I think I learned a lesson. While looking over my pictures I ran into this picture of the elephant and the people. Now I don’t think it is that great, but what I noticed was that I missed an opportunity for an interesting picture. When I was taking this I was focused on just getting the people looking at the elephant. I never thought about the possible interaction between the two and how I could tell a better story. The Elephant looking back behind the cage could tell way more, but I never thought about it.

So after this I’m determined to really slow down and think about what I’m shooting. To do this i’m limiting myself to 10 pictures every time I go out. This will also really help me with understanding the settings of my camera.

So hopefully these are improved. I’m sticking with black and white for now as well.

ben portrait2 runningkid smokey


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