Sneak Peak



I don’t have much to report on at them moment. As usual I’m just dropping by to give an update!
Firstly Resume MarkII is pretty much done so I should be shipping it out by tomorrow.

Secondly I have started the layout for my informational booklet about the NHL and television.
Here is a quick preview of what I’m going for so far.tease

Now this is very rough. I have only worked on it for a couple hours so far. I plan for this to be done by Saturday.

A bunch can and will change from here. Although at the moment I am very happy with the column size. My main problem from the get go was trying to figure out how to cope with some massive paragraphs. I believe this column width gives me the best way of working with them.I needed to find something that would help them not seem so huge. Both 2-3 column layouts, and just page wide attempts made for really hard reading. Since the paragraphs were so large it was still just a wall of text. Which is never a good thing.

Some may wonder why I’m not going with some crazy fun layout. Firstly I want to be efficient with my space. It is a relativity short booklet and I do not want to stretch the page count for the sake of show. I also want to make it more trustworthy as well (I do have sources) if the information is presented in a more serious manner then it will hold more weight. The audience is also more academic than commercial.

I’m just glad I started doing this stuff again! I was very close to doing another poster. Then I thought to myself do I really need to do that? I don’t. I enjoy doing layouts probably more than anything else.(so I should probably keep doing them!)


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