Stick on puck


So I’m confident almost every post of mine starts with something like “well its been awhile” so this is my way of not saying that. It hasn’t been that long considering that all of my posts are usually in the 1-2 week range. So if anything it’s on time. Take that world!

I did finish the layout for the NHL paper. Read it here.

secondIt should look a good bit different then it did last time.

Some quick notes:

  • I’m not totally sure of my use of numbers here. the title 1917-2014 I’m really not a fan of the typefaces 0. Keeping with that I’m not sure my decision to use another font was the right one. I think I use it consistently, but I would rather have used Gill sans light. I don’t have that so I went looking in other places.
  • I have that awkward one liner at the bottom of page 9. I wasn’t sure how to fix it though. If someone has ideas let me know!
  • Would the space between the page number and title be better further apart? It becomes awfully close with the larger numbers making it look inconsistent.

As for my next project I’m going to be trying my hand at an illustration of an Elephant. In a style like the cover Feb 2015 issue of Computer Arts:


Most negative reviews on the Google Play store is that this is overpriced. It’s only $5 is that really overpriced?

At the moment I just have the elephant drawn out. I took some time to think about it because I was struggling to think of which area I want to represent. I found that most of my ideas were both African and Indian, which wouldn’t make sense together. I’ve decided to go the African route.

That being said I might be doing a logo for someone starting some time soon. If that happens this project will likely take a backseat to that.

Now its everyone’s favorite picture time!

I’ve been shooting RAW since this past Saturday. Which I want to say, I wish/hope there is a better way to preview the files other than dropping them all in PS.


I really like this one.

I really like this one.

side1 house
It’s really been awhile so this is happening.


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