Super Site Status



I know I talked about my new site but I never actually gave any details! So this is to remedy that.

So off the bat I did not go ahead with using RoR. I had plans to make my own blog but I decided against it. As of now WordPress can give me a lot more than I can probably program myself. This I realized earlier today might have been a mistake…

Not because I plan on making my own blog again but because of the duplication I could get rid of. I have several project pages that need minor changes to them. Sure it’s not terrible to go in and edit, but boy would it be easier to make one change on one page and be done with it.  So as of now I don’t have plans to go back to RoR but I have started thinking about it.

Lets talk about the layout briefly. I know that not all personal sites use the typical bootstrap layout.  For example:

Typical bootstrap layout

That being said, a lot sure do. It isn’t a trend that I want to continue with my own site, especially the jumbotron. So I took a page out of more common portfolio pages and came up with this.


This is not really the feel that I want. Among other problems It didn’t transfer well with other pages. So after some more tweaking I’m at this stage:


I think this is much cleaner and a lot closer to what I want to achieve. Also, serifs!

More good news is I have finally remembered the commands to push changes via Git Bash to Bitbucket.

Two videos because it’s been so long


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