Update for my peoples



So the pens won today. I think we can all be happy with that. I’ve been busy working on some labels, class, and a few BriefBox projects. Now the better news is I have finally moved all my files over to RoR! Yay!

This has turned out to be almost completely unnecessary however. As it hasn’t really changed that much besides being able to render like two partials. That being said I’m glad I made the move for two reasons. What are they?

  1. This site is a sandbox for me at the moment and it’s helping me remember some ruby as I go along and it is teaching me things I didn’t know. So It might actually have slowed me down but I’m gaining a lot more knowledge wise than if I went down the o’l pure HTML, CSS route.

2. This is kind of a “living document”. Like I said in point 1 its a sandbox for me. I plan on constantly tinkering and expanding the site as it goes along. Starting with RoR makes this easy down the road since I wont have to switch to it later when I have a possibly more complex setup running. One of the goals is to get a blog up and move from here over to the portfolio site. Technically I could do this already, but until I figure out mass image uploads it’s not going to happen.

Apart from that I also got down to really focus on the styling and it’s looking good! I’m currently recording the work so by the end I should be able to give a decent write up of the process. So be pumped. I know I am!

For those of you are very worried about the lack of pictures, I have been taking them! Since they are being shot in RAW though I’ve been a baby about editing/saving the ones I want in a different format. I feel like I’m in the show “buried alive” but with RAW files instead of stuff.


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