Bubble pop



So the Penguins are going through a rough patch. They changed coaches but I think they definitely look better. Also Crosby is back so that is exciting. He’s lighting the lamp right now and its great to watch!

What have I been working on you ask? Well stuff obviously. I did an overhaul of the turtle racing site. It looks much more friendly and is way cooler. I started writing it out earlier this week! So hopefully there should be some gains in the next week or so.

I also made a couple drawings for when the Pens played the Kings and Capitals this past December.goodcopyblg


It may or may not have been inspired by political cartoons.

For and added bonus here is a page out of my sketch book. Something I know we all cared about so much. I’ve been using it alot more so I think it is relevant to show something from it.


I also went on a semi photo trip last Sunday. In terms of pictures it was a total bust, but it was still a pretty good time so no regrets! I also have started using my Rolleiflex which is pretty darn cool. $33 for 5 rolls of film seems pricey but I guess it really isn’t considering it was $20 for just 20 shots for my Polaroid! Either way I’m shooting money, so I’m trying to be really careful what I spend it on.


I’ll have some more stuff to show you next week. Until then watch the best video of 2014.


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