I’m back!


IMG_5595I am still alive! So it has been 4 months! Time has really flown by. It seems like an eternity since I first got here. Seems like forever since I moved to Seoul even just 3 weeks ago!

There has been a lot happening in these last couple of months. I have been really busy here. One day I’ll sit down and update on what has happened. Not today though. One thing that was noticeably different though between when I came here in 2011 and when I got here this year was I I haven’t been as shocked by everything I see now. 2011 everything was new and so strange and different. Now it is still amazing but I figured 5 years would wipe away any familiarity I had with everything. Nope.

That’s not to say I know anything. I still have no idea where to eat (for the most part) and I don’t have some all encompassing knowledge of Seoul much less the entire country. It’s just seeing things I thought were A.Hilarious B.So novel when I first saw them hasn’t happened. I haven’t had that “OMG” moment I first did.


Honestly I haven’t done as much designy stuff as I had wanted to. It has only been recently where things have slowed down that I’m getting back into a good o’l schedule. Either way here is some things I have made!


Logo for a friend I made


WIP if the turtle site main img

On an update on the turtle site is that I did manage to finish it!


Fun invitation I made for a Bridal shower20160619_204330 Possible logo idea. I think it has potential to be used in a lot of ways. Including creating fun sets ^^!

Now three random pictures!


not cloud


My friend Rob


Until next time! Lets go Pens! Winning the cup!!!!~~


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