Cuatro de Julio!


It’s fourth of July! I have nothing planned.

It’s seriously nuts how fast time goes by. Or at least things that happened recently feel ages ago. It seems like an eternity since I arrived here. All the memories kind of blend together. It’s only been 5 months. It’s been 13 week since I went to Taipei and it feels like last year. I went hiking last weekend and I honestly forgot it was only 7 days ago. I went to Jeju 5 months ago, talk a bout a century.

It feels like has a lot has changed and it really hasn’t. Well maybe it has. Either way there’s a lot of stuff that’s happened. Nothing crazy either. I’ve calmed down in the last few months!


Back in Feb on my way. That’s all ice down there.






On the creative side of things I haven’t done much. I’m sticking with my own card design that I showed last week. I’m also going to do a pretty decent overhaul on my site.

It is pretty outdated. There are also a number of elements that need/should be changed. Only problem is I have to install Rails on my laptop now. Still don’t regret making it with RoR but, uggggggggh. So eventually there should be some new changes coming to the site.

Check out ahn graphics these people make a lot and it is all very interesting. My favorite thing to see is how the manipulate Korean. I was wondering for a while now about how you can get creative with the script. I saw one example on the subway once, but ahn graphics has a lot of examples. Not to mention just some great work!

I have also just made another set of business cards.

Business Card Mockupsedit

And this is an invite that was originally in the last post. invitemainbleed

Until next time!


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