What a day


So what good news. I do not have to install RoR again! yaaay! Instead I am using cloud 9. There I uploaded all my files and can work on the correct environment from there. So that’s pretty awesome.

I haven’t made anything new so I don’t really have a anything to show :(. There should be a poster being made sometime soon. Also at the end of the month I’m going to Japan!

So it should be a fun month. Saturday is a water park then 2 weeks from now I want to see a car race over in Inje, then off to Japan the 3 days after that. i don’t have anything planned for two weekends from now. There was the mud festival but I decided to not to go. Sure it probably would be fun, but just wasn’t feeling it!

Then lastly check out Shin Dokho not a fan of everything but I really like this poster. It’s actually worth checking out the blog there is some interesting stuff on there. Give it a look


how cool would this be if it was focused on the building, not the tree 😦

Also check out leewaystudio something big is coming out of here sometime soon!


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