It’s everywhere.

So I realized that maybe I should take more pictures of ‘normal’ things from day to day. I haven’t really done that and I think it’d be more interesting. In general I haven’t taken as many pictures as I thought I would. However once you get settled into any place it becomes less crazy and more normal. So the urge isn’t there.

As far as life goes its pretty stable. Nothing to crazy. After month 3(?) the crazy times have stopped and I’m now an old person. Highlight being I bought some shoes although they are awesome shoes. Monday-Friday is pretty much the same old thing every day. This is not a complaint just saying nothing out of the ordinary happens. Just go to work, sure kids do weird things there but beyond that it’s pretty norm.

However last weekend I did go to Caribbean Bay which is a water park in Yongin with my friend. There’s another one called Ocean world that is supposedly better though. At least that’s what the kids say(what do they know). It was pretty fun but also super duper crowded. I was there for about 5 hours and only rode 2 rides. After waiting over an hour for a 1 minute long ride I stuck to the wave pool for the rest of the time. Granted The wave pool was pretty fun. Overall it was fun. It got really hot and Ive wanted to go swimming forever so it worked out.


$10 all you can eaaaaaat


Chinese lamb at the normal place. Kinda $$$ but it’s good. 


The biggest tease ever. Duck place was closed for good. 


i cooked to much meat. And in the process ruined my pan. 


I waited forever but I finally got a cute face mask. Get away fine dust!


Chinese lamb is awesome. This is not the place we usually go to however. Although the chairs were worth the trip. 


aforementioned new shoes


Stickers here are super cute.


This was my life for a week

I’m still very interested in Korean alphabet and how you can work with it This is pretty clever. Also Ive found that Korea is really artsy or at least chic. There are some Creative things out there and plenty of events to go see. One of my favorite places to go atm is Hyehwa (혜화) because of the questionable tacos, but also because in the Subway and around the area they have a bunch of sweet posters. I’ll have to take a picture of one next time I go.

On my personal design front, quite a few projects have trickled in over this past week. I have nothing now but next week I’ll have an update of something to show!


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