I did a thing!


I went to the race and it was fun. I got really worried that since it was raining that it was going to get shut down. I was being dramatic it turns out. Freaking out about nothing. Not many people were there but it was still in swing. It probably would’ve been even cooler if there was a decent crowd, but I’m not complaining. It was surrounded by mountains which added a really cool atmosphere. Like racing in a valley. Although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t! Still though the misty ridges circling the track added a lot to the feeling of it all.  The first and last race were definitely the best though. The 3rd or 4th one I saw sounded like a bunch of Prius’s were driving around.

It was about a two hour drive away. Luckily I didn’t do the driving but I did do the sleeping. It was a bit eerie at times though because the circuit/track/facility was pretty big and looked nice. However it seemed like it was way bigger than what normally is used. Or at least under developed. We got to go in a lounge which was cool and comfy. But there were no chairs and it had a fair bit of webs and dead flies all under the windows. Clean up!


ze lounge

The vip lounges were also pretty sparse from what I saw. At least they had chairs though. I want to believe i caught it at an off time. Regardless it was a really cool overall. I would probably go back although going with a party would be ideal.

Lets look at car pictures!



The furthest yellow car won #9




After wards I went about an hour away from the track to some place I don’t know the name of. Either way it was pretty. It was also really small. It did however have some great dinner ^^. 20160724_19151120160724_19225820160724_192422


Dinner, and my phone

That’s that. As for other random things I went out and about and tried to get some pictures of the area. Nothing crazy but I did need to start using my camera again. So more pictures!


Also the race was really close to Sokcho (속초) but still no Pokemon Go. ㅠㅠ


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