I went to Japan!


Lets get this out of the way. It was ok.


IMG_6118 (2)IMG_6049 (2)IMG_6022 (2)IMG_6231IMG_6390IMG_6276

It was actually pretty fun though. We ended up going to Kyoto first. The strangest thing I think I saw there was people waiting for crossing signals at roads that had 0 cars. Kyoto was pretty cool. Although I no idea what to expect. It was pretty laid back all things considered pretty quite and not many large buildings. The highlights were Fushimi Inari-taisha and the lady we met there. On our way a crazy Japanese lady yelled at us to follow her. We ended up getting a hilarious bullet speed tour through the area and lower half of the hill/mountain. She lived there apparently. Then we went drinking later that day and had an interesting time with the Japanese girls there. I embarrassed my self with the ball and cup game ㅠㅠㅠ

Osaka was the best part. I knew it was going to be a good time when we got off the train and the first thing we saw was a Poke center. We ended up just walking around in Dotonbori and the surrounding ares for pretty much the entire time. There was a lot to do there. We tried a lot of food. The best was probably this monster scallop the size of my fist. I also got to see a jazz performance on the street which was pretty cool.

Overall it was a fun trip. I still kind of like Korea better. Although I know about 0 things on Japan and anyone Japanese so I can’t judge to much. I can see how people can get attached to the place. It doesn’t seem like the place is my style. So I urge everyone to visit here first! That being said I do want to check out Tokyo. 20160730_13074620160730_132158_HDR20160730_16020220160730_192415

Great vacation. Hopefully going to China next month ^^


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