It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. Recently I have been trying to think of what I have done in the past few weeks. I mean it’s been a couple months seen I wrote anything! I realized i couldn’t think of anything. I can’t believe for about two months I have done nothing. I still can’t think of anything though. I looked through my camera and phone and look I have done some stuff!

The weird thing though is that I don’t feel like I have done anything. I told myself that I needed to write something but I couldn’t for the life of me think about what I could say. It’s definitely true that it’s gotten really comfortable here. Pretty much everything seems the same at the moment it’s weird. Factor that in with how fast time goes and everything is starting to get washed over. I don’t like it! So I’ll be looking to go on a trip sometime in the near future to shake things up.

Plenty of things have happened since I’ve been gone. The bears have swept NC Dino’s and won the Korean baseball championship. I’m still playing hockey but our team isn’t going that great. That’s only two, but I’m sure something else has happened. Oh yeah the Korean president has turned out to be pretty terrible. An approval rating of around 5% is not very good.


Went to a market which isn’t so crazy in itself. The food was decent enough. The interesting part of it was that you traded your money in for the old coins to use there.


The Kroean equivalent to the White House. Cops were walking around because it was the 1 year anniversary of a protester dying and there were protests nearby. Was kind of a precursor for what happened later.


Went to the gremlin night market on the river. But it was so cold there so I didn’t stay for very long. This was on Halloween. I decided to go to the protests about the president that were going down. 20161029_20002720161029_20315820161029_205357

An insane amount of people were there, about 10,000?. Even crazier is that the protests are still going on and they are only getting bigger. 20161030_132308img_6800

Went to the zoo and this kids mom was less than helpful getting him up. img_6856img_6857

Fun in Bukhansan 북한산국


Pictures I took over this past weekend.


Hongdae near halloween.



Justin also came by for a few weeks. We didn’t do much together unfortunately because I was always working.ㅠㅠ But it was still fun to see him. We got to go to Hongdae and a pretty good time. Also went to a Pet cafe and almost saw Exo but we got bored waiting for 15 minutes. He was able to get a new pair of glasses and 3 new jackets/suits for under $200.



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