tweet tweet it’s been a year.



Turns out earlier this week signals that its been a year since I’ve been here! Time has flown by, if I had to leave tomorrow I would be one unhappy person. I have done a few things but there is still so much that hasn’t happened. I’m hoping that when I leave in August I’ll get some of it out of my system because I’ll be leaving during a warmer time.

Either way a lot has happened since I’ve been in Korea but i’m not going to reminisce too much. Just look at the older posts! It has been a lot of fun and i would definitely do it again. Like go back in time do it again, not stay for another year do it again. Maybe. I’m planning to go on more trips though and get some things out of the way. It’s been a cold winter and I’ve stayed inside for the majority of it all. Which is logical because it’s cold and the cold is not fun. That and the month of January was also a pretty busy time.

I have gotten pretty lucky with where I work too. There are lots of places where I could have gone that are worse. Way worse. There is a great group here and the environment is super friendly. It’s different everywhere you go and there is no golden standard but I like to think I’ve ended up in a good spot, can’t complain!


Egg had the best personality

 It’s funny to walk into the room and finding a kid i used to teach leave me a personalized message then hear her laugh like a maniac in the hallway when I walk in. Either way that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been busy.

I also started to go to a Korean Hagwon to take some classes after work till like 9 so my week got booked up. unfortunately I can’t keep taking them because my work hours are strange and It isn’t really feasible. I’m glad I took my chance and did it though this past month.


I wen’t to Dongdamun and took some mediocre pictures. This is what I think is the best one. I need to sell my tripod….

I also went to Big Bang’s final concert! It was pretty awesome and epic. I posted most of the pictures on FB so I’m keeping it light here.



G dragon


If you want to see more, and videos check out this link


I also went to see some boxing with my friend Joe from Big Bang Boxing! We didn’t have any horses in the race but it was still pretty entertaining. img_7760img_7773img_7805img_7850

For Chinese new years I went down to Busan via KTX. The whole trip was pretty relaxing for about two days. I got terribly sick for the last two days and it kind of overshadowed the trip which was disappointing. I think Busan is due for a revisit, maybe.(probably not)


Reading through my Korean practice book and saw they used the Penguins as the picture for Hockey! How neat is that?!




The coach was getting really heated with the refs after the fight.


Joe is stronger than me


These were good. And apparently the muscle shells like explode if heated for too long. The more you know!



Cheap chinese Lego knockoffs! Lepin

That’s it! Hopefully more than two people read this because I wrote more than two sentences! So spread the word!


I also made this ^^


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