Lets talk Baseball.

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20160813_182217Baseball is a sport a large portion of the world enjoys. It is easy to play pretty much everywhere and it has a great following. It should come as no surprise that watching baseball in Asia is very different than watching it in America. Going to LG Twins, or Doosan Bears games at Jamsil stadium in Seoul was definitely one of my favorite things to do in Korea. The electric atmosphere and small differences in stadium rules align to make it a great experience.20160813_200933

Baseball is exciting in Korea. In Korea, the game is a big deal and the teams have legions of fans. It is one of, if not the most, popular sport in the country. However, since Korea is such a small country, it can only support a few teams. To compare, the MLB has 32 teams, while the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) has only 10.The most recent team, the NC Dinos, was created in 2011. One noticeable difference in the naming of the teams is how the Korean team names are prefaced by a company’s name, for example the KIA Tigers, LG Twins, or the Doosan Bears. The teams that I saw the most were the Bears, and Twins, both of which are based out of Jamsil stadium in Seoul. The Bears were at the time a powerhouse, but recently lost to the Tigers in the Championship this past year.

Getting to the Jamsil stadium is easy enough by subway. Walking out of the exit under the shadow of the stadium you’ll be greeted by a large variety of people trying to sell you any kind of food or beverage they can. Here fried chicken dominates, so there will be a lot of that pushed your way. Along the base of the stadium are your run of the mill fast food restaurants like KFC and a few convenience stores.

20160813_174719There is no drawback to getting anything on the outside as you can take anything you get in. In fact, at least in Jamsil, the only thing you’ll find concessions-wise inside the stadium would be a lonely GS25 hanging out by the exit. Even better is at any point of the game, as long as you have a ticket, you can go out, buy something, and come back in. A few caveats do exist though, one being no glass bottles—so you better be buying the plastic soju bottles—and you are not allowed back in the stadium with booze too late into the game. So stock up!

By way of finding where to sit, it’s pretty much fair game anywhere.There are generally three sections that matter, one is the home side “cheering” section, the outfield, and the opposing side. The cheering section makes up pretty much half of the stadium and is where the party is at. The outfield is generally open but there have been those times where the place is packed and standing room only is all you have available.

20160904_165910The electric feeling is alive and well at these games and is what makes it all worth it. There are endless chants, cheers, and songs. Every player has their own theme song and the whole stadium chants along every time they are at bat. There are rare moments when the stadium is actually quiet. Anything (positive) that happens is met with a large roar and cheering, songs, and just jubilation. Even out on the outskirts of the stadium people are cheering and being active watchers. The closer you get to the home seating behind the plate the more the activity amps up.  They have cheerleaders, the occasional drum beating, and high energy people with mics edging the crowd on.  That section is a lot more high energy and people in those sections are just having a good time. The chants echo throughout the stadium. Every pitch there is something being chanted with the boom sticks booming and the occasional flag waving. The atmosphere at these games, especially on a lazy Saturday night, is either the perfect farewell to a great Saturday or the opening songs of a great night out depending on how you play it.

was also lucky enough to go to one game in Japan at the Tokyo dome. Compared to Jamsil, the area outside was quiet, in fact it’d be possible to not know a game was going on. The Tokyo dome is huge, it was a massive building filled with people. The cheering and vibe was similar to Korea but possibly even just more everything. It was a crazy place. They even sold food inside the stadium which was a nice change of pace. 20170820_145756The most memorable thing though were the beer girls who were buzzing all over the stadium dressed in skirts with kegs strapped to their backs. You could see them all over the place, especially in the lower rows just going every which way up and down the aisles. It was like watching bees at work, or at least a very busy street intersection.20170820_154820

Baseball in Korea and Japan is an exciting affair. While going to a baseball game with your friends can be relaxing as you just talk and occasionally see some action worthy of paying attention to, baseball in these countries is more humming with energy and life similar to what you would find at a playoff game.20170820_161345




It’s everywhere.

So I realized that maybe I should take more pictures of ‘normal’ things from day to day. I haven’t really done that and I think it’d be more interesting. In general I haven’t taken as many pictures as I thought I would. However once you get settled into any place it becomes less crazy and more normal. So the urge isn’t there.

As far as life goes its pretty stable. Nothing to crazy. After month 3(?) the crazy times have stopped and I’m now an old person. Highlight being I bought some shoes although they are awesome shoes. Monday-Friday is pretty much the same old thing every day. This is not a complaint just saying nothing out of the ordinary happens. Just go to work, sure kids do weird things there but beyond that it’s pretty norm.

However last weekend I did go to Caribbean Bay which is a water park in Yongin with my friend. There’s another one called Ocean world that is supposedly better though. At least that’s what the kids say(what do they know). It was pretty fun but also super duper crowded. I was there for about 5 hours and only rode 2 rides. After waiting over an hour for a 1 minute long ride I stuck to the wave pool for the rest of the time. Granted The wave pool was pretty fun. Overall it was fun. It got really hot and Ive wanted to go swimming forever so it worked out.


$10 all you can eaaaaaat


Chinese lamb at the normal place. Kinda $$$ but it’s good. 


The biggest tease ever. Duck place was closed for good. 


i cooked to much meat. And in the process ruined my pan. 


I waited forever but I finally got a cute face mask. Get away fine dust!


Chinese lamb is awesome. This is not the place we usually go to however. Although the chairs were worth the trip. 


aforementioned new shoes


Stickers here are super cute.


This was my life for a week

I’m still very interested in Korean alphabet and how you can work with it This is pretty clever. Also Ive found that Korea is really artsy or at least chic. There are some Creative things out there and plenty of events to go see. One of my favorite places to go atm is Hyehwa (혜화) because of the questionable tacos, but also because in the Subway and around the area they have a bunch of sweet posters. I’ll have to take a picture of one next time I go.

On my personal design front, quite a few projects have trickled in over this past week. I have nothing now but next week I’ll have an update of something to show!

What a day


So what good news. I do not have to install RoR again! yaaay! Instead I am using cloud 9. There I uploaded all my files and can work on the correct environment from there. So that’s pretty awesome.

I haven’t made anything new so I don’t really have a anything to show :(. There should be a poster being made sometime soon. Also at the end of the month I’m going to Japan!

So it should be a fun month. Saturday is a water park then 2 weeks from now I want to see a car race over in Inje, then off to Japan the 3 days after that. i don’t have anything planned for two weekends from now. There was the mud festival but I decided to not to go. Sure it probably would be fun, but just wasn’t feeling it!

Then lastly check out Shin Dokho not a fan of everything but I really like this poster. It’s actually worth checking out the blog there is some interesting stuff on there. Give it a look


how cool would this be if it was focused on the building, not the tree 😦

Also check out leewaystudio something big is coming out of here sometime soon!

Cuatro de Julio!


It’s fourth of July! I have nothing planned.

It’s seriously nuts how fast time goes by. Or at least things that happened recently feel ages ago. It seems like an eternity since I arrived here. All the memories kind of blend together. It’s only been 5 months. It’s been 13 week since I went to Taipei and it feels like last year. I went hiking last weekend and I honestly forgot it was only 7 days ago. I went to Jeju 5 months ago, talk a bout a century.

It feels like has a lot has changed and it really hasn’t. Well maybe it has. Either way there’s a lot of stuff that’s happened. Nothing crazy either. I’ve calmed down in the last few months!


Back in Feb on my way. That’s all ice down there.






On the creative side of things I haven’t done much. I’m sticking with my own card design that I showed last week. I’m also going to do a pretty decent overhaul on my site.

It is pretty outdated. There are also a number of elements that need/should be changed. Only problem is I have to install Rails on my laptop now. Still don’t regret making it with RoR but, uggggggggh. So eventually there should be some new changes coming to the site.

Check out ahn graphics these people make a lot and it is all very interesting. My favorite thing to see is how the manipulate Korean. I was wondering for a while now about how you can get creative with the script. I saw one example on the subway once, but ahn graphics has a lot of examples. Not to mention just some great work!

I have also just made another set of business cards.

Business Card Mockupsedit

And this is an invite that was originally in the last post. invitemainbleed

Until next time!

Day 02(but not really)


It’s pretty crazy how fast life goes! It seems like yesterday since I was lost on. As I went to look at my last post I just knew that it was around 2 weeks ago. No idea where all the time is going!

Went hiking in Seoraksan aka 설악산 this weekend. Destroyed my legs! It was about a 9 hour hike up and down the mountain.

Either way I have started working on my card a bit. Here is what I have so far.

Business Card Mockups2

Also I know you want to see pictures from this weekend.


Got up early to see the sun rise ^^



I will update this in the AM!

I’m back!


IMG_5595I am still alive! So it has been 4 months! Time has really flown by. It seems like an eternity since I first got here. Seems like forever since I moved to Seoul even just 3 weeks ago!

There has been a lot happening in these last couple of months. I have been really busy here. One day I’ll sit down and update on what has happened. Not today though. One thing that was noticeably different though between when I came here in 2011 and when I got here this year was I I haven’t been as shocked by everything I see now. 2011 everything was new and so strange and different. Now it is still amazing but I figured 5 years would wipe away any familiarity I had with everything. Nope.

That’s not to say I know anything. I still have no idea where to eat (for the most part) and I don’t have some all encompassing knowledge of Seoul much less the entire country. It’s just seeing things I thought were A.Hilarious B.So novel when I first saw them hasn’t happened. I haven’t had that “OMG” moment I first did.


Honestly I haven’t done as much designy stuff as I had wanted to. It has only been recently where things have slowed down that I’m getting back into a good o’l schedule. Either way here is some things I have made!


Logo for a friend I made


WIP if the turtle site main img

On an update on the turtle site is that I did manage to finish it!


Fun invitation I made for a Bridal shower20160619_204330 Possible logo idea. I think it has potential to be used in a lot of ways. Including creating fun sets ^^!

Now three random pictures!


not cloud


My friend Rob


Until next time! Lets go Pens! Winning the cup!!!!~~

T-minus two weeks


The NHL all star game was surprisingly actually entertaining to watch. On the same note the branding for the whole event was out of this world.

check out fanbrandz and their awesome write up about it.

I have still been working on the turtle race site and have gotten a decent bit of it finished.  I’m finally free to work on projects for theses next couple weeks so hopefully I get close to finishing it soon.

I ended up finishing a poster earlier last week.annaprint

Bubble pop



So the Penguins are going through a rough patch. They changed coaches but I think they definitely look better. Also Crosby is back so that is exciting. He’s lighting the lamp right now and its great to watch!

What have I been working on you ask? Well stuff obviously. I did an overhaul of the turtle racing site. It looks much more friendly and is way cooler. I started writing it out earlier this week! So hopefully there should be some gains in the next week or so.

I also made a couple drawings for when the Pens played the Kings and Capitals this past December.goodcopyblg


It may or may not have been inspired by political cartoons.

For and added bonus here is a page out of my sketch book. Something I know we all cared about so much. I’ve been using it alot more so I think it is relevant to show something from it.


I also went on a semi photo trip last Sunday. In terms of pictures it was a total bust, but it was still a pretty good time so no regrets! I also have started using my Rolleiflex which is pretty darn cool. $33 for 5 rolls of film seems pricey but I guess it really isn’t considering it was $20 for just 20 shots for my Polaroid! Either way I’m shooting money, so I’m trying to be really careful what I spend it on.


I’ll have some more stuff to show you next week. Until then watch the best video of 2014.