Business cards

Washington & Lee cards


Business Card Mockups.jpg

The biggest requirement for these was to be simple but different enough to be memorable. It was all about trying to be reserved.

Diamond Creek Farm

Business Card Mockups3

This card had to be versatile and allow it to be used in many situations for varying titles. It couldn’t be to specific because there are many roles the person fulfills. However a large amount of the job duties fall into the creative side of the company so I wanted to get that through. I used the picture of the horses to represent the visual side of the client  and that she is “behind” the media.

Business Card Mockup2

The personal connections between KeyFoundry and the client are is what is most important to them. I wanted to make sure that each members name was noticeably different than the other information. The company is about personal connections so the name needed to stand out. Then  I used one of their more telling motos and made it large orange and obnoxious to hammer the point home.


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