Talking about beer






Korea has a pretty big drinking culture. While the most well known drink is Soju, there is definitely a lot of beer to go around. Cass is like any light beer but it’s one of the most heavily promoted. At least around my area.  The biggest difference between these posters, is whether or not there are people in them. Beyond that pretty much everything else is similar and there are quite a bit of reoccurring elements.




I don’t have any problems with any of these really. The top two stand out to me as being the most different. Probably because they aren’t a good pairing with the others.  That being said all of these have some common elements and even if they are different the majority are still there.

Things they share in common are:

  • color pallet, it’s all blue and white apart from the beer. The words are blue and white, and even the clothes are blue and white.
  • Water everywhere.
  • The name is shown on the bottle/glass , usually the most prominent too.
  • motion. Things are moving even when it doesn’t make to much sense
  • nothing is straight. Everything is at an angle.
  • basically the same point, but the beer is never straight up and down. The closest it gets to that is picture 1.
  • the same beer is in picture 3 and 4
  • strange poses

Speaking of the tilt it’s another reason why the first two don’t so cohesive as the the other four. All of those bottles and angles are going left to right while 1 and 2 go from right to left. There is also a big glare coming of the bottle in 1 which makes it look like a different campaign all together. Either way they all achieve the look of being edgy, cool, and probably most important refreshing. None of them look stoic and reserved or dry even with not a lot of elements they are pretty dynamic.

In order these are my favorite:



Does G-dragon look cool or what. I really like the tones of the whole picture. In fact I really like them. The only thing that bugs me is how he is holding the glass. I get it, hes wiping his mouth which is apparently what people do when something  is fresh. Cass commercials remind me a lot about sprite commercials.

“we sold more more apartment buildings yaaaaaay!”

*Note how they were able to drop damn.



Number 2 just because the more I thought about where the water came from it just got more silly. Still like it though. The splash is great and really helps pull everything together. It’s like a fresh cool moving hand. Imagine if the bottle had nothing else to hold it. It’d be in space.



I really just enjoy the simplicity of this one. It achieves the dynamic look all the other ones have but it’s simple. The long blue space is what draws it together. I actually like it a bit more than #2 but the beer coming from the tap just looks so strange. To be fair, I only noticed it after I looked at it for a long time.



Fourth because I’d  argue that this one isn’t the right kind of busy because of that bottle being added. Also the bottle is the same from#2.



I might put this one in 4. I like how it’s a different feel because of the mug but still has the same elements. Really comes off like someone threw it down in a pile of ice for some reason.



It’s lacking any movement that makes the other ones fun. Also the glare is strange. It just doesn’t have the same flair or excitement.

The glare is seen on tv.

While it is consistent it still doesn’t make me like it anymore. Just reminds me of this. Image result for LM312V04 Victory Gundam face

Staring at these ads a lot of strange things come through. While it’s easy to nit pick and bash them for that, that’s not really fair at all. I see theses multiple times a day but never really more than a few seconds. If you spend forever on one picture things are bound to get silly. #4 has the most things that pop out to me as strange. What is she doing with the bottle? Is she thinking, opening it with her forehead? What is she doing?

After walking past it for months I never once really noticed what was going on. I just saw Girl + Cass. Which means that it’s doing the job. It’s easy to rip something, but these 6 posters are good and do what they are supposed to do.