Lets talk Baseball.

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20160813_182217Baseball is a sport a large portion of the world enjoys. It is easy to play pretty much everywhere and it has a great following. It should come as no surprise that watching baseball in Asia is very different than watching it in America. Going to LG Twins, or Doosan Bears games at Jamsil stadium in Seoul was definitely one of my favorite things to do in Korea. The electric atmosphere and small differences in stadium rules align to make it a great experience.20160813_200933

Baseball is exciting in Korea. In Korea, the game is a big deal and the teams have legions of fans. It is one of, if not the most, popular sport in the country. However, since Korea is such a small country, it can only support a few teams. To compare, the MLB has 32 teams, while the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) has only 10.The most recent team, the NC Dinos, was created in 2011. One noticeable difference in the naming of the teams is how the Korean team names are prefaced by a company’s name, for example the KIA Tigers, LG Twins, or the Doosan Bears. The teams that I saw the most were the Bears, and Twins, both of which are based out of Jamsil stadium in Seoul. The Bears were at the time a powerhouse, but recently lost to the Tigers in the Championship this past year.

Getting to the Jamsil stadium is easy enough by subway. Walking out of the exit under the shadow of the stadium you’ll be greeted by a large variety of people trying to sell you any kind of food or beverage they can. Here fried chicken dominates, so there will be a lot of that pushed your way. Along the base of the stadium are your run of the mill fast food restaurants like KFC and a few convenience stores.

20160813_174719There is no drawback to getting anything on the outside as you can take anything you get in. In fact, at least in Jamsil, the only thing you’ll find concessions-wise inside the stadium would be a lonely GS25 hanging out by the exit. Even better is at any point of the game, as long as you have a ticket, you can go out, buy something, and come back in. A few caveats do exist though, one being no glass bottles—so you better be buying the plastic soju bottles—and you are not allowed back in the stadium with booze too late into the game. So stock up!

By way of finding where to sit, it’s pretty much fair game anywhere.There are generally three sections that matter, one is the home side “cheering” section, the outfield, and the opposing side. The cheering section makes up pretty much half of the stadium and is where the party is at. The outfield is generally open but there have been those times where the place is packed and standing room only is all you have available.

20160904_165910The electric feeling is alive and well at these games and is what makes it all worth it. There are endless chants, cheers, and songs. Every player has their own theme song and the whole stadium chants along every time they are at bat. There are rare moments when the stadium is actually quiet. Anything (positive) that happens is met with a large roar and cheering, songs, and just jubilation. Even out on the outskirts of the stadium people are cheering and being active watchers. The closer you get to the home seating behind the plate the more the activity amps up.  They have cheerleaders, the occasional drum beating, and high energy people with mics edging the crowd on.  That section is a lot more high energy and people in those sections are just having a good time. The chants echo throughout the stadium. Every pitch there is something being chanted with the boom sticks booming and the occasional flag waving. The atmosphere at these games, especially on a lazy Saturday night, is either the perfect farewell to a great Saturday or the opening songs of a great night out depending on how you play it.

was also lucky enough to go to one game in Japan at the Tokyo dome. Compared to Jamsil, the area outside was quiet, in fact it’d be possible to not know a game was going on. The Tokyo dome is huge, it was a massive building filled with people. The cheering and vibe was similar to Korea but possibly even just more everything. It was a crazy place. They even sold food inside the stadium which was a nice change of pace. 20170820_145756The most memorable thing though were the beer girls who were buzzing all over the stadium dressed in skirts with kegs strapped to their backs. You could see them all over the place, especially in the lower rows just going every which way up and down the aisles. It was like watching bees at work, or at least a very busy street intersection.20170820_154820

Baseball in Korea and Japan is an exciting affair. While going to a baseball game with your friends can be relaxing as you just talk and occasionally see some action worthy of paying attention to, baseball in these countries is more humming with energy and life similar to what you would find at a playoff game.20170820_161345


Idea #2 places to go Naksan Park

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20170726_175811naksan.jpgIf your here jin Seoul for a little bit, Naksan park is one of my favorite places to go. It’s a small walk but the atmosphere is very nice. It has tight cozy streets but at the same time interesting vistas of Seoul. It also passes through Ihwa Mural village. The word quaint is pretty accurate here.

“Naksan Park gets its name from its camel hump-like appearance. In Korean ‘nakta’ means camel and ‘san’ means mountain. So people refer to the park as Nakta Park or Naksan Park. The mountain is a solid granite bedrock. The Joseon royal family enjoyed the natural beauty of the granite mountain, but during the Japanese Colonial Period, a hasty manner of urban planning resulted in the demolition of most parts of the mountain. In an effort to save the remaining green belts, Naksan was designated as a park on June 10, 2002″ Korea tourism

Starting at Dongdameun or Hansung Univ. You can catch the park.


Walking down from Hansung look for a gate of the old wall next to the road. On the opposite side of the street is a set of stairs going up a hill and that is the entrance to the park.

Dongaemun is even easier to find. From the subway station just head to Dongdaemun park. When you get there just follow the wall up the hill and just keep walking!

Personally I like going from the Hansung side.



You go up a bit of a hill coming from Hansung Univ. It’s pretty nice. To the left is a part of town that is built on the hill.


This is looking down  a little bit of the way past the first picture.

When you keep going and head to Dongdaemun the road becomes pretty narrow but it gets nice and cozy. On a nice day it feels pretty snug. At the same time you can walk up to the wall and look out over the city again if you want your space. 20160918_150432

If you walk to Dongdaemun this is what you will see When arriving at the park.

If it’s a nice day out and all you want to do is take a nice walk around town Naksan park is a great place to go. It doesn’t take too long to walk and it is definitely worth seeing.

Talking about beer






Korea has a pretty big drinking culture. While the most well known drink is Soju, there is definitely a lot of beer to go around. Cass is like any light beer but it’s one of the most heavily promoted. At least around my area.  The biggest difference between these posters, is whether or not there are people in them. Beyond that pretty much everything else is similar and there are quite a bit of reoccurring elements.




I don’t have any problems with any of these really. The top two stand out to me as being the most different. Probably because they aren’t a good pairing with the others.  That being said all of these have some common elements and even if they are different the majority are still there.

Things they share in common are:

  • color pallet, it’s all blue and white apart from the beer. The words are blue and white, and even the clothes are blue and white.
  • Water everywhere.
  • The name is shown on the bottle/glass , usually the most prominent too.
  • motion. Things are moving even when it doesn’t make to much sense
  • nothing is straight. Everything is at an angle.
  • basically the same point, but the beer is never straight up and down. The closest it gets to that is picture 1.
  • the same beer is in picture 3 and 4
  • strange poses

Speaking of the tilt it’s another reason why the first two don’t so cohesive as the the other four. All of those bottles and angles are going left to right while 1 and 2 go from right to left. There is also a big glare coming of the bottle in 1 which makes it look like a different campaign all together. Either way they all achieve the look of being edgy, cool, and probably most important refreshing. None of them look stoic and reserved or dry even with not a lot of elements they are pretty dynamic.

In order these are my favorite:



Does G-dragon look cool or what. I really like the tones of the whole picture. In fact I really like them. The only thing that bugs me is how he is holding the glass. I get it, hes wiping his mouth which is apparently what people do when something  is fresh. Cass commercials remind me a lot about sprite commercials.

“we sold more more apartment buildings yaaaaaay!”

*Note how they were able to drop damn.



Number 2 just because the more I thought about where the water came from it just got more silly. Still like it though. The splash is great and really helps pull everything together. It’s like a fresh cool moving hand. Imagine if the bottle had nothing else to hold it. It’d be in space.



I really just enjoy the simplicity of this one. It achieves the dynamic look all the other ones have but it’s simple. The long blue space is what draws it together. I actually like it a bit more than #2 but the beer coming from the tap just looks so strange. To be fair, I only noticed it after I looked at it for a long time.



Fourth because I’d  argue that this one isn’t the right kind of busy because of that bottle being added. Also the bottle is the same from#2.



I might put this one in 4. I like how it’s a different feel because of the mug but still has the same elements. Really comes off like someone threw it down in a pile of ice for some reason.



It’s lacking any movement that makes the other ones fun. Also the glare is strange. It just doesn’t have the same flair or excitement.

The glare is seen on tv.

While it is consistent it still doesn’t make me like it anymore. Just reminds me of this. Image result for LM312V04 Victory Gundam face

Staring at these ads a lot of strange things come through. While it’s easy to nit pick and bash them for that, that’s not really fair at all. I see theses multiple times a day but never really more than a few seconds. If you spend forever on one picture things are bound to get silly. #4 has the most things that pop out to me as strange. What is she doing with the bottle? Is she thinking, opening it with her forehead? What is she doing?

After walking past it for months I never once really noticed what was going on. I just saw Girl + Cass. Which means that it’s doing the job. It’s easy to rip something, but these 6 posters are good and do what they are supposed to do.



A lot of my time is going through the motions, and I realize I’ve calmed down quite a bit compared to when I was first here. I remember wanting to go somewhere every weekend and If I wasn’t out of my apartment by like 1 every Saturday it felt like my time was dripping away. Since then I’ve been in a way better apartment, and things have definitely slowed down. I don’t know when the change happens, but I blame winter.

I’m trying to think of anything exciting that has happened since my birthday weekend in Vietnam. Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything. Then I go through my pictures and realize how wrong I am.


It’s baseball season again so I went with my friends to see a game between the Twins and Tigers. It was the first time I have ever gone here when it was PACKED even the last few games of the season weren’t this bad. We didn’t even get a seat. We ended up not even sitting in real sits and found ourselves on the stairs. It wasn’t ideal. 1494892239952[1]

On top of that the Twins lost and the visiting side was much louder. On the other hand I did get some pictures with random people. If that isn’t a win I don’t know what is.


Later I went to Naksan park after getting some tacos and walking around in Hyehwa at Dos Tacos.  Hyehwa’s a pretty cool area and is probably worth going back too. It’s a pretty active area and has a ton of tiny theaters. However that’s not where I ended up for the rest of the day. Like I said I went to the park. It’s one of my favorite places because it’s an easy walk that starts somewhere cool and ends somewhere cool. It also has some pretty views.



The flowers are out!


It follows the old Seoul walls. Then goes up a ridge so you can look out a bit.

20170429_17160520170429_173024Ihwa mural village is in the middle of the walk. Do you like going to cafes? If so it’d be a good place to go. If You don’t really care about cafe’s then it is probably avoidable. It is however pretty and you don’t lose anything by walking through it.




This building is probably a spaceship.

20170505_154138I did two things last weekend that were pretty fun. I saw a B-Boy show which I have wanted to do for awhile. Was it as crazy as I was hoping? No. But it was pretty fun. I don’t usually get to see people break dance at an actual competent level. It was a good way to spend the afternoon for sure.

However the coolest thing I did that same weekend was watch people play Starcraft. Can’t think of anywhere else that I could do this and E-sports is just so Korean. Basically the home of the whole concept. It was a cool thing to go to. It wasn’t crazy crowded but there were people. Better yet it was free! There are tournaments that cost money and fill out some big venues. This wasn’t a tourney and from what I could tell was just normal league play. So it was free! It was easy to get to, and was on the 2nd floor of some unsuspecting office building.

It happened in a studio and had some good camerawork to make it all look a bit bigger and more crowded. So again everything was free. You got an energy drink, free earphones and a radio thing so you can listen to the English broadcast. At times I had no idea what was happening and I had no idea when it was going to end but it was a fun time.



After that I went to Coex in a surprise ran into a Moon Jae-in rally. The guy even showed up eventually! So that was a pleasant unexpected surprise. Three days later the guy would be elected president.


That’s him. Right there!


I also got diabetes at Shake Shack the next day. There is a new location in Dongdaemun. It’s a ton less popular the Gangnam location which is always packed with people for no other reason than it’s in Gangnam. Also Dongdaemun is half an hour closer.

In hockey news we just played the last game of the regular season. Playoffs begin this Sunday. Out team is pretty good and finished 3rd overall. I think we can pull it off. 20170430_135403

What made them decide to wear this stuff…

I was hoping it could be Twice’s new song, but it is terrible.

Busan Weeeeeekend!

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I went to Busan this past weekend. It was tons of fun. Probably one of the top things I have done here.

What else has happened in the meantime? Not much else. I’ve played in one hockey game and missed another this past weekend. From what I heard we tied and won so 1-0-1. I’ll take it. This team is good and I think we can make a good run.

In other news the weather has been warming up. So going outside has been an option pretty much everyday. It’s nice to stretch the legs again.  The kids at school are getting sick again though because of this now I’m getting sick. The amount of times I have been coughed on is insane. Any time I walk near a kid who is sick there is an 80% chance they are going to try their hardest to make me ill and cough all over me.

While I remember it, I guess the biggest news country wise is that the president has gotten impeached. People were pretty happy. Celebrations etc.. and it was on a Friday! What timing… Obviously not everyone is happy about it though. However, now she is in (more)legal trouble because she no longer holds her title. She is going to be investigated. I have no idea where everything will go, but there is a vote for a new person in May.

Back to Busan though. For those who don’t know where it is it’s on the south east side of the country along the coast. It’s also the second biggest city outside of Seoul. I even edited a map for you.


So that’s where it is. Now for some history. Busan was one of two cities not captured by North Korea in the first few months of the Korean war. It was the last stand of UN forces who were pushed all the way back. Fortunately after some tense fighting and the Incheon landing the UN won out and the North Korean army was pushed back, and Korea was saved. However because of this, there were quite a bit of refugees that fled down south to Busan. Which leads us too Gamcheon culture Village!


This place

During the war the number of houses on this hill went from 20 to 800.

stairsGamcheon has long been home to the city’s poorest residents. In the 1940s, only 20 or so houses dotted the hillside, but that number swelled dramatically at the beginning of the Korean War in 1950. War refugees fled their homes for the relative safety of Busan, the only area of the peninsula that remained free from fighting. Within a year, Busan’s population grew from 880,000 to 1.4 million people, and a half million homeless refugees needed a place to live and fast. Approximately 4,000 people moved from the crowded port areas surrounding the Jagalchi Fish Market to nearby Gamcheon, erecting some 800 makeshift homes using scrap iron, wood and rocks.” From here

So the history behind the place is also pretty interesting. The link above explains it better than I can. I went on this trip with my friend Bailey. The culture village wasn’t bad but it wasn’t exactly mind blowing either. It’s a stroll through a few streets either trying to sell coffee or random souvenirs. Pretty much similar to any “artsy” area in Korea. Which means cool, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get there. Unless I really wanted a coffee in a colorful building. The history behind it is probably the coolest thing.



In reverse order we also went to Jagalchi fish market. Which as the name suggests is a fish market. What I didn’t realize was I went to the same area years ago but had no idea.


Old people selling things


Old people sitting on things

There were plenty of curious things being sold here. Including a drink made from turtle shell, there were also live ells with peeled skin squirming around. I’m sure there are even more strange things going on, but these are the ones that I knew about. Unless you really wanted a smelly fish to carry around with you it’s all about the atmosphere here which is pretty cool.


young AND old people blocking everyone

The thing that stuck out to me the most was one the age of everyone. Everyone working there looked about 90 and how colorful everything was. There were umbrellas covering the little alley between the stalls with lots of yellows and reds. Then just like Korean hikers, the adjumas were decked out in colorful aprons, jackets etc..


I wonder what business is like. That one lady is pretty sleepy


These guys were trying to escape.

We also went to the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (해동 용궁사). Which I went to last time I was here and by all means is kind of lame. Sure it’s in a cool spot by the ocean but not much is going on.

The big take away from this place was I got a picture with my animal the monkey, and saw two gold pigs. Riveting stuff.

That was all on Saturday. I went out and met some people and hung out on the beach for a bit. On Sunday was the reason why I was here. There is an Indian event called Holi Hai .

“Holi Hai is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal, also known as the “festival of colours” or the “festival of love”.[7][1][8] The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.[9][10] It is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest.[9][10] It lasts for a night and a day, starting on the evening of the Purnima (Full Moon day) falling in the Vikram Samvat Hindu Calendar [11] month of Phalgun, which falls somewhere between the end of February and the middle of March in the Gregorian calendar. The first evening is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi and the following day as Holi, Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi,[12] or Phagwah.[13]Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia.[9] In recent years the festival has spread to parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic, and colours.” Source

At around 11 ish we went to Haeundae beach which is a pretty popular spot in Busan. I want to say the most popular but I’m not %100. I went with a tour group called WinK. They weren’t bad, and I might even use them again if I get the chance. They gave everyone a thing of powder and  shirt. Thankfully the weather was great.



Look how clean she is. 20170319_12000420170319_120037

As 3 stated to roll around it was finally time to go. I briefly washed paint off my face then sat down on the beach with Bailey waiting till it was time to go to KTX and catch the train. I could still taste paint in my mouth almost the whole day. Like I said at the start though this was an awesome time and one of top thing I’ve done recently for sure. So if you get a chance to check it out, go!

I’ve also finished up some tickets I was working on last week. allfour

There is a post about them below.


The Motel I stayed in had gaming computers which I think is definitely worth noting.

tweet tweet it’s been a year.



Turns out earlier this week signals that its been a year since I’ve been here! Time has flown by, if I had to leave tomorrow I would be one unhappy person. I have done a few things but there is still so much that hasn’t happened. I’m hoping that when I leave in August I’ll get some of it out of my system because I’ll be leaving during a warmer time.

Either way a lot has happened since I’ve been in Korea but i’m not going to reminisce too much. Just look at the older posts! It has been a lot of fun and i would definitely do it again. Like go back in time do it again, not stay for another year do it again. Maybe. I’m planning to go on more trips though and get some things out of the way. It’s been a cold winter and I’ve stayed inside for the majority of it all. Which is logical because it’s cold and the cold is not fun. That and the month of January was also a pretty busy time.

I have gotten pretty lucky with where I work too. There are lots of places where I could have gone that are worse. Way worse. There is a great group here and the environment is super friendly. It’s different everywhere you go and there is no golden standard but I like to think I’ve ended up in a good spot, can’t complain!


Egg had the best personality

 It’s funny to walk into the room and finding a kid i used to teach leave me a personalized message then hear her laugh like a maniac in the hallway when I walk in. Either way that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been busy.

I also started to go to a Korean Hagwon to take some classes after work till like 9 so my week got booked up. unfortunately I can’t keep taking them because my work hours are strange and It isn’t really feasible. I’m glad I took my chance and did it though this past month.


I wen’t to Dongdamun and took some mediocre pictures. This is what I think is the best one. I need to sell my tripod….

I also went to Big Bang’s final concert! It was pretty awesome and epic. I posted most of the pictures on FB so I’m keeping it light here.



G dragon


If you want to see more, and videos check out this link


I also went to see some boxing with my friend Joe from Big Bang Boxing! We didn’t have any horses in the race but it was still pretty entertaining. img_7760img_7773img_7805img_7850

For Chinese new years I went down to Busan via KTX. The whole trip was pretty relaxing for about two days. I got terribly sick for the last two days and it kind of overshadowed the trip which was disappointing. I think Busan is due for a revisit, maybe.(probably not)


Reading through my Korean practice book and saw they used the Penguins as the picture for Hockey! How neat is that?!




The coach was getting really heated with the refs after the fight.


Joe is stronger than me


These were good. And apparently the muscle shells like explode if heated for too long. The more you know!



Cheap chinese Lego knockoffs! Lepin

That’s it! Hopefully more than two people read this because I wrote more than two sentences! So spread the word!


I also made this ^^

Working title

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The Penguins just beat the Devils 5-2. So it’s been a good morning.

It’s been since almost Halloween so there’s plenty to talk about. Maybe.

First off hockey is finally over. DX beat the Alpha Males who were as douchey as the name sounds. So the good guys won. It was a pretty good series, and the good team won. Nobody who was watching was rooting for AM which got to be pretty funny. After the game there was an end of year party in Itaewon which was pretty fun. I ended the season with 5 points. All which were assists, but hey I’ll take it.

I’ll be doing it again for sure. It was really fun, K don’t know if I got any better but i’ll try to get some practice in before it starts up again. I got drafted in the 10th round last time, which I hope I keep. However I’m pretty sure it will drop a bit, if it doesn’t ill be ecstatic.

These pictures are from the semis, not the final. I was going to go out later so didn’t bring my camera.



Speaking of hockey.After a Saturday game, I went ice skating! Which I can’t do.  SO i spent most of the time against the wall or being dragged around.


I think I talked about it before but I ended up going to Langcon Fest. Earlier in the year in October or November, 2 teachers got assigned to a group of kids and we had to get them to sing a short little play and do some moves. Thanks to Annie our group won their level, on our campus.


The winners!

Because of this we had to go a couple weekends ago to the “main event” which was down at a college by the companies HQ. All in all it wasn’t bad. The kids who are only in like grade 1-3 had to go up in front of maybe a thousand people and put on a 4 minute skit. I had to be on stage for maybe 2 seconds and was sweating so bad I thought I’d drop the mic. Yet the kids did great!  Overall they got 3rd and were pretty happy with it. ^^


There are better pictures out there, but I have yet to see them. So I only have a few from my phone.



before anything



The most recent event was Christmas. If there is one disappointment about Korea its Christmas. It just isn’t the same and it might as well not exist. It isn’t peoples favorite holiday and alot of the kids don’t even are about it. That’s how you know its wrong. I asked everyone of my kids if they were excited for it, and the amount of unenthusiastic “ehh” answers I got were insane. I couldn’t sleep when I was a kid the week before Christmas I was that pumped.

It’s more of a token holiday it seems which is really disappointing. I keep hearing that it is a couple holiday which is such a Korean thing to do. As well as a  sacrilegious thing. Tons of kids got nothing, or even just a pencil case. So on top of the gift giving not being the same you also aren’t beat over the head with it after Thanksgiving. Back home it is so hard to not notice its Christmas time, sure you notice here too but it isn’t the same. Where is the bravado, and flashiness?

Overall it seems like an imported holiday and one where the idea of it was missed. That being said my Christmas and Christmas weekend was a great time.


Friday we had secret santa! I got a cool Kakao mug. This is my favorite picture from it though.20161223_233010.jpgSaturday we got all you can eat sushi by our house. Then after watching bad shows on Netflix went to Red Dragon Spa with Bailey and Lindsey. Had a brief visit to Hongdae but then spent the night back in Nowon.



Matching couple in the wild



Then on Sunday everyone went to a buffet at Coex International hotel. Which was all you can eat and drink! Solid day and night.


on our way!


It took us 30 minutes to actually find the lobby where the dinner was. Coex is huge.

Random picture time!


I worked on these two projects a little bit ago. I started a 30 sits in 30 days plan. However I made it to 5 before I realized learning Javascript is a better idea. So that’s what Ive been up to after work recently.


Break and other things


Went to Jeju for Korean Thanksgiving aka Chuseok aka 추석. I was there from Wednesday until Saturday with a few of my friends from work. Every time I go there I always think that there was something else I could have seen or done and this time was no different. In part due to weather. I’d go back although maybe not for awhile since the weather is getting worse.


I’m not single anymore!-that guy

Our group got separated for the ferry which was lame. Although it did work out. We rode the bus all night long and I got almost 0 sleep. The ride on the ferry was pretty quick since we got the quick boat. We got to the island quicker which meant basically nothing cause we just spent it waiting for the rest of our group and sleeping on random benches.


We got  there way earlier than we thought we would. Didn’t do much that I remember really. Spent most of the time sleeping and finding something to eat.  We found a black pig place that was really good. Supposedly food here is pretty bad, which I believe. However this was good. 20160916_200940

Day 2 we went to a maze, didn’t get lost at all. Easy. There were lots of spiders and lots of cats. Like 20 cats or something. There were a ton of them.



We also went to a lava tube. It was pretty cool and pretty huge. 20160915_135256img_656720160916_145711

The food we ate was for the most part all good. we settled for Pizza a couple times which were the low points of the food experience. Places closed pretty early, the also opened pretty late. So it threw us off a bit. The stuff above was pretty good.It was moving when it came out which was a bit funky. The owner quickly pushed them under the boiling water and solved that! The clams in there were great. Again the food was good. We got help finding it though. If by myself chances are it wouldn’t have been like that. The last day we went to some back woods place that was really good. Had some amazing fish on the last day. The setup for it was really picture perfect too.


I mean look at all of that. Another weird thing about Jeju was that the transportation totally  blows. We spent literally 2 hours trying to get back to our place one day. You can’t really just pick up a taxi like you can in Seoul. Which isn’t surprising really. We had to rely on call taxis but sometimes they weren’t available and it led us stranded for a bit occasionally. This is why there are so many rented cars there.

The last day was pretty fun though. We left at 5 in the afternoon and as usual this trip it was raining. Although this time I had a friend and they were willing to drive! We started it up by going to that fish place. Then traveled an hour across the island to go to some green tea fields. It rained a lot on our way over there. It was a bout as exciting as looking at this picture. Although the place had some pretty cool atmosphere. It was pretty swanky. Koreans are pretty obsessed about being chic.

Which reminds me. The whole place is pretty village esque. Then randomly there will be this super modern, artsy, square building. Which make sense because I figure a lot of rich people come here and set up shop on the weekends or vacation.


green tea fields. The fans are to stop the plants from frosting.

Jeju was over for now. It was a really nice day outside up here though. So while I still could I went exploring to get some books from Itaewon. Overall it took about 3 hours. Pretty interesting. I saw some things I didn’t know existed and would probably check out again. For example the park in the first 2 pictures. If you follow it you go across the Ihwa mural village, which I didn’t actually go into but want to in the future. The road/ally that I was following had a lot of atmosphere. wish I took a picture of it.

In a surprise twist the thing stopped at Dongdaemun .3 .4. After I got there I walked around a pretty average road for an hour till I got to  a random path that turned into a wooded park. Wasn’t expecting that. cool part was part of the path went over the road as a bridge .5. Even weirder for the last hour I saw almost no one. It was relaxing!

After some wrong turns and almost making it the N tower by accident I found myself going up a really long and tall hill. I couldn’t believe Itaewon was on such a big hill..6 it’s not as flat as it looks. I haven’t been there much so I was surprised. Well it’s not. I ended up going right back down. At least not the part that I wanted to go to. It was a bit weird seeing it at it’s “back” though.

I finally found some books to read! Got some kebabs and walked away to Samgakji to get on the subway. I haven’t really been around that area much. It was a bit surprising because at some points between Itaewon and Samgakji it reminded me of Squirrel Hill at home. Freaky stuff. At the end of it all I realized how little of the city I have seen/know. This is isn’t much of a realization as it is reinforcement. I think little walks like this will keep on happening till it gets cold outside and I have to hibernate.

That’s what success looks like. ^^


Panorama with my real camera. Turned out oook I realized way after the fact that they had 4.5 as the aperture. Which is kind of very frustrating. However I did learn how to make a panorama and blend pictures together. Lets compare it to the last time I was there. Weather looks very different.

(also hopefully the new one is better)


So now random stuff that I have been up to.

Went to a giant horse race track and won a cool $10. Would go again. The place was probably x4 the size of the one at home and the track is x8 it looked like. It was huuuuge.

Then in no particular order, watched some baseball again. Played some hockey in the league I joined (im horrible)  walked are Konkuk Univ. area for some disappointing Indian food. Then went to the Kakao store in Gangnam, I might have bought something.