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Not to alarm anyone but I have three months left. The pressure is on!

What have I been up to you may wonder. The answer is not much. In the time I have posted I actually have done a few things mostly just exploration, nothing huge. Either way here it is.

I’ll start with Hockey. It’s finally over! Which is a shame because it’s really fun and it also gave me something to do on Sundays.


Not to discount the season though we did end up getting second place overall. Which is pretty good. We played a tight final but eventually we just couldn’t break through. Which was upsetting but hey I’m totally fine now and hold no grudges at all.

Our team was really good, and I actually got better because of it. Am I good? Probably no, but I found my legs again. I ended up with a total of 9 points with an amazing 4 goals. For comparison I had 0 last year. So a step up I say! Either way the CBHK is a ton of fun, and I’m so glad I found it. I won’t be able to play again because the season doesn’t start till I leave. However It will probably be one of the things I miss the most about Korea.


There also happened to be an EXO concert going on next door one game.

I also went to Namiseom Island (남이섬 종합휴양지)


Namiseom is an island shaped like a dumpling shaped island. It has a mildly interesting history but the most fun bit is the “country” status.

Naminara Republic
Nami Island declared its cultural independence on 01 March 2006 and re-named itself the Naminara Republic (Namisun).
The Naminara Republic is an imaginary country, but it has invented its own passport, currency, stamp and telephone card, and has promoted the establishment of Naminara in other countries. A “passport” issued from Naminara is required to enter the Namisum. Korea4expats


for example

Being an island with no bridges you can’t get there by foot and have to wait for a ferry to take you across the river. It’s very quick and not at all hard to figure out how to do. You can also zip line across to the island if that’s your kind of tea. Once there you can take a few paths to walk around the island. It’s actually quite big and took a bit longer to get around than I thought it would.

If you’re that kind of person you can rent all kinds of things to get around the island. From bikes, to pedal cars, golf carts, and even off brand segways. There are plenty of options to chose from.

It’s all pretty quaint. There are a lot of tree lined paths that can be pretty scenic at times. There are lots of groomed fields and it really just has a very relaxed atmosphere. It’s basically a giant park. It is definitely a couple and or family spot as there are lots of both running around. There are the few sculptures and a decent amount to see. However there isn’t a lot to actually do. At least how I did it, it was way more of a leisurely stroll through the island just looking at things than actually interacting with anything. There are also some animals littered around the park like peacocks, rabbits, and apparently an ostrich but I didn’t see it.

I probably wouldn’t go back there, but I’m glad I went at least once. It was relaxing and for sure a good way to spend the afternoon.

As a quick note, the area around the island is known for chicken I guess so there are tons of chicken places to eat. Choose wisely!


leaving to the island



Beyond that I had a cute afternoon exploring some roof tops in HBC. We went to 100 Food Truck which was a bit disappointing. Sure the view is cool but you can get it pretty much anywhere else in the area. I’m embarrassed to say how long I waited to get up there. Just to have a pretty good hamburger that totally fell apart in seconds. Eventually I was just eating a guacamole salad. My issue was mainly with the wait. To be fair we waited for the shade and as far as I know if I went for the un shaded part the wait would have been much quicker.


view from the top


I had the green one

Almost forgot to mention I went to Seoullo 7017.



It was an overpass created back in the 70’s. It has since been renovated into a walkway with a bunch of trees and random other points of interest. Here is a link about it if you’re interested.

Moving on from Food Truck we went to a Thai themed rooftop. It was way better. Not only was there no one up there but it was just very chill. Also carried about 90% less pretentiousness the last place did. To make matters better it was on top of a bbq place, what a location! I will go back here again for sure.


Random picture time!



So that has been the past three weekends pretty much. The last one was pretty hectic, well with not a bunch of sleep that’s for sure.

I ended up going on a trip this past Sunday to some places i’m not really sure of between Chungju and Danyang.KakaoTalk_20170616_112313101.jpg


It was definitely a good way to spend the Sunday.

As far as school goes a new term has rolled around a few weeks ago, and it is a nice change of pace from last term for sure.

That is pretty much it. Now a new weekend is a day away so lets see what happens!

Let’s not forget though.




Hey I got some of it right…..


Stick on puck


So I’m confident almost every post of mine starts with something like “well its been awhile” so this is my way of not saying that. It hasn’t been that long considering that all of my posts are usually in the 1-2 week range. So if anything it’s on time. Take that world!

I did finish the layout for the NHL paper. Read it here.

secondIt should look a good bit different then it did last time.

Some quick notes:

  • I’m not totally sure of my use of numbers here. the title 1917-2014 I’m really not a fan of the typefaces 0. Keeping with that I’m not sure my decision to use another font was the right one. I think I use it consistently, but I would rather have used Gill sans light. I don’t have that so I went looking in other places.
  • I have that awkward one liner at the bottom of page 9. I wasn’t sure how to fix it though. If someone has ideas let me know!
  • Would the space between the page number and title be better further apart? It becomes awfully close with the larger numbers making it look inconsistent.

As for my next project I’m going to be trying my hand at an illustration of an Elephant. In a style like the cover Feb 2015 issue of Computer Arts:


Most negative reviews on the Google Play store is that this is overpriced. It’s only $5 is that really overpriced?

At the moment I just have the elephant drawn out. I took some time to think about it because I was struggling to think of which area I want to represent. I found that most of my ideas were both African and Indian, which wouldn’t make sense together. I’ve decided to go the African route.

That being said I might be doing a logo for someone starting some time soon. If that happens this project will likely take a backseat to that.

Now its everyone’s favorite picture time!

I’ve been shooting RAW since this past Saturday. Which I want to say, I wish/hope there is a better way to preview the files other than dropping them all in PS.


I really like this one.

I really like this one.

side1 house
It’s really been awhile so this is happening.

Sneak Peak



I don’t have much to report on at them moment. As usual I’m just dropping by to give an update!
Firstly Resume MarkII is pretty much done so I should be shipping it out by tomorrow.

Secondly I have started the layout for my informational booklet about the NHL and television.
Here is a quick preview of what I’m going for so far.tease

Now this is very rough. I have only worked on it for a couple hours so far. I plan for this to be done by Saturday.

A bunch can and will change from here. Although at the moment I am very happy with the column size. My main problem from the get go was trying to figure out how to cope with some massive paragraphs. I believe this column width gives me the best way of working with them.I needed to find something that would help them not seem so huge. Both 2-3 column layouts, and just page wide attempts made for really hard reading. Since the paragraphs were so large it was still just a wall of text. Which is never a good thing.

Some may wonder why I’m not going with some crazy fun layout. Firstly I want to be efficient with my space. It is a relativity short booklet and I do not want to stretch the page count for the sake of show. I also want to make it more trustworthy as well (I do have sources) if the information is presented in a more serious manner then it will hold more weight. The audience is also more academic than commercial.

I’m just glad I started doing this stuff again! I was very close to doing another poster. Then I thought to myself do I really need to do that? I don’t. I enjoy doing layouts probably more than anything else.(so I should probably keep doing them!)